The BEST beginner guitar is...

beginner guitar gear Jan 07, 2022

THE BEST guitar to start with is….

The truth is… my answer to this question is not typical.  I firmly believe the best guitar for beginners is anything you can get your hands on with strings to get going.  An electric, an acoustic, a new guitar, a beat up outcasted old guitar, a broomstick with a rubber band… something with strings on it so you can start getting the feel of moving your fingers up and down the neck.  Don’t waste too much energy overthinking which guitar to buy when you are getting started… JUST GET STARTED!  You can always upgrade later (and you should!... spoiler alert.. This never stops!)


You can find an inexpensive guitar in a lot of places:

  • Yard sales / garage sales
  • Guitar store (used section)
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • A friend or relative’s basement


This video was meant to be a motivational reality check to get you fired up to start learning the guitar.  So, let me know in the comments… what was your first guitar?


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Happy strumming!


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