EASY guitar lesson - Thinking Bout You - DUSTIN LYNCH

beginner guitar easy song lessons Feb 06, 2022

Dustin Lynch's Thinking Bout You Guitar Lesson is GREAT for beginners!

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Thinking Bout You is a great song to play on guitar, especially for beginners. This song was released about a year ago by Dustin Lynch featuring Lauren Alaina and was recently re-released featuring Mackenzie Porter. This song uses a capo on the 1st fret on a standard tuned guitar. By using Johnny’s beginner guitar voicings, you can play along while moving only two fingers! This song is also a simple song to strum along to. Just start tapping your foot with the beat and match your downstrums up with your foot! In this lesson, Johnny shows both the basic way to strum with the song and also the specific strumming that is on the album. Good luck getting this song out of your head after this lesson! If you enjoyed this lesson or have a request for an upcoming lesson, drop me a comment. Happy strumming!

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