I’ve played guitar nearly every day for the last 25 years.  I’ve played in my bedroom to no one, packed clubs in bands, 4-hour solo acoustic gigs with nothing to hide behind but a microphone and 6-strings.  I written hundreds of songs and use the instrument and the “groove” that I create as my contribution to the writing session.  I’ve played acoustic guitar on hundreds of my own recordings and have had instrumentals licensed for commercial use by artists. 

I grew up watching my Dad play acoustic guitar in the living room and signing along to Bob Seger and The Eagles.  From there I was hooked...

What I’ve learned the last 25 years is… The real secret…. Is that with only a handful of chords and a basic understanding of the fretboard, you can play along with ALMOST ANY TUNE OUT THERE!  Whether it is playing along to songs on the radio, writing your own songs, or even playing music live in public, a handful of chords and an understanding of strumming is all you need.  If I can get one person to stick with the guitar as a result of this material, it will be worth all of the effort I have put into it!  

 So, are you ready to GET STARTED?